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psalm 104:33

Bright, clear, arresting, warm, Marissa's voice is a collection of some of the most sought after qualities. It's the kind of voice that makes every song sound better, and she brings honesty and beauty to music, which is the mark of a true artist.

This album has both worship and Christian songs that carry the messages that have impressed Marissa throughout her life journey. For Marissa, her entire objective with this first album release was to display affection for the Lord: "I've put my heart into this album, and I hope it ministers to you like it has to me. This album is about God's faithfulness and love for me, and for His people." In true story teller fashion, songs range from personal experiences, as in "Holding Me," to passionate worship songs, "Take All." Gathering worship cues and lyric inspiration from worship leaders like Brenton Brown, Evan Wickham, Jesus Culture, and Hillsong United, Marissa has worked to craft an album that clearly states the goodness of God.

At four years old Marissa sang her first church solo. Since then, her God-given talent, and innate love for music has played a dominant role in her life. And while at the age of four she may not have been able to express it, the marriage of worship and music would eventually become the pursuit of her life. While at Huntington University, Marissa continued to let her heart's passion lead her. She spent four years studying music, and the Lord began to plant in her the desire to be part of worship ministry.

For the year and a half before graduation, Marissa traveled with the praise and worship group Preeminence. "It was awesome meeting people from different parts of the country and hearing their stories. It's one of the greatest blessings as an artist to hear that your music makes a difference in people's lives. It is incredible to see how the Lord can use music to touch someone, right in the place they are at."

After graduation, Marissa returned home to Indianapolis and became involved with the worship team at Horizon Christian Fellowship. For the past five years, Marissa has been an active worship team member, playing the piano, the guitar, and singing vocals. She has also lead worship and taught vocal classes at the Calvary Chapel Worship Leaders Conference Midwest.

Marissa has lead worship for "Tour Life" on the PGA Nationwide Tour, which is open to players, caddies, tour reps and their families. In the middle of a professional sport, Marissa has watched as the Lord has responded to the sound of worship. "I love that it's not about me. No matter what I do, if I make mistakes or forget words, as long as God receives all the glory, it doesn't matter."

When she's not worshipping on stage, Marissa is busy playing the guitar and the piano, teaching voice lessons to fellow musicians, and living out the idea that worship is a way of life.

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Below is Marissa's most recent blog post from Tumblr. Click here to read the full blog.

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